Our Clients

Our Purpose

“To make a difference.”

Our purpose is to make a difference. To be the best we can be, professionally and personally, and applying that growth to make a difference in the lives and organisations of others.

We plan to change the world.

The more we grow, the more impact we can have.

Our Values

Our values drive the culture of our team, and the behaviours our clients and partners can expect when working with us.

Passion. We are passionate about technology and seek innovation.

Client Focus. We exceed client expectations.

Help Others. We are there for each other, our clients and our partners.A family.

Integrity. We do what we say, and we always deliver on our commitments.

Professionalism. We operate, communicate and engage in a professional manner.

Growth. We seek growth and development in all things professional and personal, to make a difference.

Our Leadership

Sam Deckert
Founder and Principal Consultant

Babar Waheed
Lead Software Engineer