“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
– Peter Drucker

Every business seeks a competitive edge. To move the needle,
Customer Experience and productivity are key areas where a
competitive advantage can be achieved.

Peak Wallboard for Webex Calling is a cloud-based add-on for Webex Calling
that enables real-time and historical visibility for your contact centres
and back office teams. Enable your organisation to measure
and then manage Customer Experience and Productivity
– whether your team is working from home, mobile or in the office.

Unlimited Retention

Reporting data is retained for the duration of your subscription.

A contact agent using Cisco Webex calling features via Peak Amplify

Scheduled and On-demand Exports

Export your data, without row limitations.

100% Cloud-based

Up and running in 15 minutes, with data stored in your local region.

Cost-effective Reporting

Enhanced reporting for Webex Calling, without the cost and complexity of adding Webex Contact Centre.

Smarter business decisions.

Provide your business stakeholders with the
data to make informed business decisions.

Manage individual and team

View the performance of each Agent to manage your
teams, including every call placed and received.

Webex Calling Wallboard User Management

Self Service.

Be up and running in five minutes.
Simply register, connect to Webex Calling
and invite your teams.

Privacy for your data.

We respect the privacy of your data.
Choose your local region from our global cloud platform,
and keep your data on-shore.

Webex Calling Wallboard Data Privacy Regions

Pricing just like Webex Calling.

Our pricing is simple, and matches Webex Calling.
Choose a term, pre-payment or monthly billing
and the number of users assigned
to Call Queues. That’s it. We also allow you
to match the end date (co-term) with your
Webex Calling subscription.

Support you can trust.

We’re here to help. Contact us any time for support.

About Peak Amplify

Peak Amplify is an award-winning Cisco Software Development Partner, providing software add-ons, integration and custom development for Cisco Collaboration, Contact Centre and Connectivity products.

We’ve strengthened the business value of Cisco investments for clients across Financial Services, State Government, Law Enforcement, Health and Aged Care.

Let’s discuss what can be achieved for your organisation today.

“We had a complex set of requirements to deliver on a government project. Some of the requirements were not achievable out of the box with Cisco. Peak Amplify was able to integrate with both our internal product set and other off-the-shelf products and provide the glue to enable our service. I have had nothing but a good experience working with Peak.”

Bob, General Manager Health Platforms, Telstra Health

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