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What are the benefits of a Cisco UCCX Wallboard?

Discover the advantages of a Cisco UCCX Wallboard: Enhanced call center performance, real-time insights, and improved customer service.

Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX) is an industry-leading, robust, secure solution for mid-sized contact centres with up to four-hundred (400) agents.

Unfortunately, for some organisations, Cisco UCCX provides limited at-a-glance visibility of required contact centre metrics. Available out-of-the-box real-time and historical reporting views are challenging for use with large, TV-based wallboard displays as well as for distributed agents and business stakeholder visibility.


A Cisco UCCX wallboard will provide clear, real-time Customer Experience visibility for:

  • Agents, to enable management of individual performance
  • Supervisors, enabling management of team performance
  • Business stakeholders, to oversee customer experience and obtain data to inform business decisions


The most common contact centre queue metrics included within a UCCX wallboard view include:

  • Calls Currently Waiting
  • Longest Call Waiting
  • Average Call Wait Time
  • Calls Abandoned
  • Calls Answered
  • Agents Talking
  • Agents Ready
  • Agents Not Ready


The most common contact centre agent metrics included within a UCCX wallboard view include:

  • Agent Name
  • Agent Status
  • Agent Extension
  • Calls Handled
  • Calls Unanswered
  • Calls Transferred
  • Talk Time
  • Hold Time
  • Which agent is predicted to receive the next call


In addition, a UCCX wallboard can also provide details for IT support staff in the event of an issue with an end-user, including:

  • Network latency between the Agent to the UCCX server
  • Network packet loss between the Agent and the UCCX server
  • Cisco UCCX and Wallboard server performance information


A UCCX Wallboard should also support being visible in-office via large, TV type displays as well as within the Cisco Finesse interface or directly via a web browser for distributed users.


To meet the above requirements (and more) being requested by our clients, Peak Amplify created Peak Wallboard for Cisco UCCX. It allows our clients to:

  • React to changing call volumes
  • Maintain Grade of Service (GoS)
  • Manage the performance of distributed teams
  • Provide a great customer experience


For further information on Peak Wallboard for UCCX, schedule a call with our team or see our product page.

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