Peak Amplify

Peak Performance: Introducing Real-time Colour Alerting for Dynamic Call Management in Peak Amplify


Effective call management is essential for improving customer experience and operational efficiency. In response to valuable insights gathered through our customer innovation feedback loop, our latest Peak Amplify update introduces a dynamic colour-coding feature. This enhancement instantly indicates when call volumes are nearing, or exceeding the number of available agents, providing a clear visual and actionable cue. This allows team supervisors and agents to quickly assess and adapt to call traffic, enhancing responsiveness and operational decision-making. 

Webex Wallboard Analytics

How it works 

We use a standard traffic light system to represent the call queue’s health visually. 

  1. Normal Operation: Under standard conditions, where the number of calls is well within the capacity of available agents, the icons will display in green, indicating smooth operation. 
  2. Nearing Agent Capacity: When the calls waiting equals the number of available agents, the colour will change to orange – warning that call wait times and abandonment rates may increase. 
  3. High Traffic Alert: When incoming calls outnumber the available agents, the tiles will flash red, signaling the need for immediate action, such as assigning additional agents to the queue. 

Key Benefits 

  • Enhanced Visibility:  Supervisors and agents can easily monitor the real-time status of call queues across all Peak Amplify Wallboard views, and within any user-defined Layout views.
  • Improved Agent Allocation: By immediately identifying when more calls than agents are available, supervisors can make real-time adjustments to staffing levels or reallocate agents from less critical tasks to manage the increased load. 
  • Increased Efficiency: This feature allows for proactive call traffic management, identifying bottlenecks before they lead to larger issues such as abandoned calls or poor customer experience. 
  • Improved Customer Experience: Supervisors can immediately see when the demand is nearing or exceeding capacity in real-time and can make informed decisions on deploying additional resources or prioritising calls. This capability reduces response times and enhances the ability to manage situations dynamically, ensuring that customer experience levels are maintained.