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What devices and accessories does Webex Calling support?

Webex Calling Devices

Webex Calling device and accessory support

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)

ATAs connect non-IP devices, such as fax machines, analog phones and overhead paging systems, to your network and allow them to act as Webex Calling devices.

  • ATA191 Multiplatform

  • ATA192 Multiplatform

  • AudioCodes MediaPack 1288 and 124E (TLS 17FXS)


Cisco Webex Room, Board, and Desk Devices (Shared Mode only)

The following Webex Room, Desk, and Board devices are fully supported on the Webex platform. They do not require a Webex Calling license unless PSTN calling is required.


Conference Phones

  • Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832

  • Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832


DECT Phones

  • Cisco IP DECT 6825 Handset

  • Cisco IP DECT 210 Multi-Cell Base-Station


IP Phones (desk phones)

  • Cisco IP Phone 6800 Series Multiplatform Phones (Audio phones – 6821, 6841, 6851, 6861, 6861 Wi-Fi, 6871, 6871 with colour display)

  • Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series Multiplatform Phones (Audio phones – 7811, 7821, 7841, 7861)

  • Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series Multiplatform Phones

    • Audio phones – 8811, 8841, 8851, 8861

    • Video phones – 8845, 8865


Phone Accessories

The following phone accessories support Cisco IP Phones with Multiplatform Firmware: