Capture missed opportunities with Abandoned Callback and Peak Amplify

In today’s competitive market, every customer opportunity matters. Abandoned calls are not just missed connections, but lost opportunities, lost revenue and a poor customer experience. Returning Abandoned calls quickly is critical to re-establishing customer trust and securing business growth.

Introducing Abandoned Callback

Peak Amplify’s latest feature release – Abandoned Callback, ensures that no call goes unnoticed, turning potential losses into opportunities.

Monitor abandoned calls in real-time
As calls are abandoned throughout the day, they are added to the Abandoned Callback list – allowing for prompt action.

Dynamically track the state of Abandoned calls
When a member of the organisation makes contact with the abandoned caller, the callback status is dynamically updated, providing real-time visibility into callback status.

Assign abandoned calls to Agents
Share the workload and create accountability by assigning abandoned calls to Agents. Once assigned, the Agent will receive a notification that they have been assigned the callback

Communicate the status of abandoned calls
Agents can use Abandoned Callback to indicate where an unsuccessful callback attempt was made by the Agent.

Increase productivity and efficiency
By preventing multiple callbacks to the same abandoned caller, Abandoned Callback ensures a smoother, more personalised customer experience.

Webex Calling, Amplified.

Abandoned Callback is available right now in Peak Wallboard and Analytics.

If you’re interested in optimising your Customer Experience with Webex Calling, then contact us or register for a free trial.

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